Student: Mohammad Adam Al Haqimy Bin Mohammad Yunus, Sekolah Menengah Al Amin Bestari Melaka (10A)

iTTV menyediakan satu platform yang baik bagi saya yang kurang faham dan menguasai sesuatu subjek dalam kelas. Dengan adanya iTTV, pembelajaran saya makin mudah dan saya dapat meningkatkan kualiti pembelajaran saya dengan lebih cepat.



Student: Hanna Gisel Binti Hafizi, Sri Cempaka Cheras (10A)

ITTV became my own personal tutor. In some classes, my teachers would speed through the lessons and I was left feeling lost. However, I was able to keep catch up with my school lessons by watching ITTV videos that didn't rush through lessons and really took the time to breakdown complex topics.



Student: Cheng Yen, Sri Cempaka Cheras (10A)

Watching ITTV was akin to having a personal tutor in front of me. The best part about it was that I could watch it over and over again, whenever I wanted to. This allowed me to truly understand what I previously could not, as there were no time constraints.


During the first half of my form four, I struggled with physics. But after watching ITTV and the other aforementioned channels, my physics went from scraping a pass for Mid Years to getting an A+ for Finals. Needless to say, ITTV definitely helped me in securing that A+ for SPM physics.


As for biology, I frankly purchased the ITTV biology for the purpose of crash studying - I wanted to have a quick run through of all the chapters before I sat for my SPM trials. Nevertheless, it certainly did help me understand some concepts a lot better than I had previously.


All in all, I would like to express my gratitude towards ITTV for making learning enjoyable, and of course for helping me achieve those A+s in Physics and Biology. Thank you, ITTV!



Student: Lim Ming Xian, SMK Aminuddin Baki (10A)

It helped me to do revision. Thank you so much ITTV!



Student: Sumeethasri A/P Mahendran, SMK (P) Methodist Klang (9A)

ITTV has truly helped me a lot in my form 4 and form 5 studies. First of all, the fact that ITTV can be accessed anywhere and everywhere was simply an amazing idea which do benefits me. Besides that, the tutors also did a really great job with their way of teaching stuffs which was pretty amazing at time. For example, Mr Gary and Mr Gurdev's way of teaching a certain subject is so amazingly fabulous. Thank you so much for everything ITTV!!



Student: Hansel Hakiem Bin Hafizi, Sri Cempaka Cheras (8A, 2B)

ITTV really helped me in my studies. The teachers in my school were going through the topics quite quickly and I couldn't keep up with them, at one point I really felt lost as I was struggling to navigate what topics to study. After being recommended by a friend to use ITTV, I realised it was the perfect solution to my problems! I had a means to catch up with my studies by watching ITTV videos that were easy to understand and took the liberty to thoroughly explain topics.



Student: Nur Batrisyia binti Abd. Aziz, SMK Convent, Muar (6A, 3B)

Science subjects were my weakness (Biology, Add Math, Physics, Chem). I used to get D's or failed in those 4 subjects when I was in my Form 4. I also didn't take any class tuition during form 4. When I found out ITTV, it really helped me a lot in my studies. I always referred to ITTV whenever I didn't understand anything at school for Chemistry, Bio and Phy. I was so happy when I found out that I got B's for my Chem, Phy and Bio for my SPM and C+ for my add math. I would really recommend this program to my younger siblings but unfortunately I don't have any. Plus, the price for the submission is very affordable too. It only cost for RM200+ to subscribe three subjects for one year. Usually, tuition will cost around RM60 for a subject for a month. I would like to thanks to ITTV for creating this program which make my studies become easier. Thank you ITTV!



Student: Veronica Hiu, SMK Bandar Baru Sungai Long (6A, 4B)

ITTV helped me in a way that I can save money, that I don't have to go far to tuition. ITTV is at my fingertip, a click away and I have something learn throughout the day, anywhere, anytime. I would like to thank ITTV for giving me this opportunity to study and learn during the holidays too, and it is easy to understand and catch up in school. I hope you will continue to give scholarships to the needy in the future.



Student: Tarshan A/L Segar, SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat (6A, 3B)

I can use ITTV anytime and wherever I want. The tutorials provided are really good. After I started using ITTV, I developed a great level of interest in my studies. I will copy down the simple notes and tips provided by the tutors and revise it when my exams are around the corner. Without any hesitation, I will recommend ITTV to every Malaysian students. ITTV is something that should be in every student's house. Thank you so much ITTV!



Student: Joanne Bertram Lai, SM St Patrick - Sabah (6A, 4B)

ITTV has helped me to deepen my understanding in a particular topic which I didn't get to catch up in class. I like it how the tutors present the topic. It was effective and easy to understand. What I like the most about having ITTV at home is that I could replay it as many times I want until I can fully grasp it in my head. I would jot down the notes that was provided in the video and I would revise it in school. ITTV truly did assisted me in my studies. Thank you very much ITTV!



Student: Nicholas Poh Ern Sheng, St Xavier Institution - Penang (5A, 2B)

I found that the explanation is very clear and the way they teach using the board is way easier for students to understand. I felt that by using ITTV is more useful and helpful compared to the reference book.



Student: Hani Amilisa Bt Ahmad Marzuki – SPM 8A, Shah Alam

Saya guna iTTV sejak Tingkatan 4. Saya tidak mengambil tuisyen dan hanya guna iTTV. Saya mendapat 8A dalam keputusan SPM 2013. Produk iTTV ini sangat ekslusif. Kalau anda nak keputusan seperti saya "Gunalah iTTV"…



Student: Norazni Syahira Bt Mohd Aznan – SPM 6A 3B, Sg. Buluh

Saya terjumpa iTTV apabila saya search di Youtube untuk pelajaran Physic kerana saya tidak faham apa Cikgu mengajar di Sekolah. Saya faham video tutorial Physic di iTTV. Result saya semakin meningkat menggunakan iTTV…



Father: En. Mohd Aznan

My daughter uses iTTV only and didn't attend any tuition because tuition cost me RM1,000 a month. iTTV is cost and time saving. Furthermore, I know my daughter is safe at home at all times……



Student: Claire Chok Mann – SPM 9A, Bandar Utama

I got 9A in SPM 2013. iTTV tutor is very good and left a good impression in me. I can watch iTTV lessons over and over again. I would like to thank iTTV for all the guidance……



Student: Jane Chok Meei – PMR 7A, Bandar Utama

I have been using iTTV since Form 3 last year, now I am in Form 4 and still using iTTV. I got 7A in my PMR 2013. Now in Form 4, my first term exam results is satisfactory with 'A' for all my Science subjects, BM and also Add. Mathematics……



Father: Mr. Matthew Chok

I would like to Thank iTTV for helping my daughter, Claire to do well in SPM 2013. She has a lot of activities in School and we look for ways to help her in her study. That is how we found iTTV. My youngest daughter, Jane also uses iTTV……



Student: Intan Nur Fatihah Yusof – 9A SPM 2013, Labuan

I get to know iTTV from my dearest uncle, Encik Mohd Aznan. It was only about 5 months before the SPM exam and I was lucky to have found iTTV. My favorite lessons in iTTV was Biology lessons because I had a hard time to understand and memorize all the facts in class…



Student: Thunissha Manoharan – 9A SPM 2013, Miri

I scored straight 9A's. During my Form 5, I never attend any tuition classes. I love the way iTTV tutor teachers especially Mr Gurdev- Physic & Chemistry, Mr Sivaramana -Sejarah, Mr Gary -Biology and all Teachers. I am proud to say that iTTV was one of my secret of success…



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