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iTTV Academy Improvement Money Back Guarantee Policy
for Year 2018

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iTTV Academy Improvement Money Back Guarantee allowed parent to claim 100% refund on iTTV products they purchased if their child fail their final term examination with marks lesser than 50% or 'C-' equivalent on the subject/s they purchased.

iTTV Academy Improvement Money Back Guarantee Policy (IAIG):

  1. Student must spend minimum 30 minute daily (at least 5 days a week) learning using iTTV (student must maintain self Checklist).
    (A self checklist is required and can be printed at www.ittv.com.my/ittv/ittv-iaig/checklist.pdf).
  2. Student must do iTTV's free online exercise/revision at www.ittv.com.my weekly and student must scored at least 80% on all the online objective revision questions. .
    • i). Multiple try are allowed to ensure student fully understand the subject matter
    • ii). iTTV online Report Card will show your participation.
  3. Student must use iTTV product at least 3 months before academy year final exam to qualify for refund policy.
  4. If the student do not improve in the examination marks of at least 50% or 'C-' equivalent of the subject/s after learning using the iTTV for at least 3 months in accordance to the terms and conditions hereof and the evaluation will be based on final term school examination marks on the subject compared to the midterm examination marks.
  5. Copy of school report card and original receipts must be presented upon.
  6. iTTV will verify all Terms and Conditions are met and also student participation on iTTV web revision exercises before any claim are paid out
  7. A) DVD-ROM version
    • i). The refund of 100% (purchase price as per receipts) of subject that shows no improvement will be made to any student who met the above terms and conditions.
    • ii). iTTV Academy Improvement Money Back Guarantee Policy promotion not applicable for free unit given out under the "Buy 3 get 1 Free promotion".
  8. B) FreeSpaceLearning (FSL) online version
    • i). The refund of 100% (subscription as per Invoice) of subject that shows no improvement only.
    • ii). The subscription will be pro-rated according to the total subject subscribe in the level.
    • iii). FSL subscription must be a total of 6 months (same level) and above eligible to take part in this program.
    • iv). Refund base on subscription paid for the current School level of student.
  9. The Company have the discretion to amend or discontinue this campaign without prior notice.
  10. All claims must be presented to iTTV within 1 month of final term examination result.
  11. Valid for 1 time claim per customer.
  12. Only 1st genuine activated iTTV user customer are allowed to participate (Within one (1) year from the date of the receipt)
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